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The Recycling Religion

Sorting your trash is a ritual, not an actual benefit to the earth. By Ravi Dykema.

The Great Pumpkin

From savory curries and creamy soups to colorful stir-fries, the rich, earthy flavor and buttery texture of pumpkins lend themselves to an enormous variety of dishes. By Lisa Turner.

Being There At the End of Life

I’d like to share with you what I do and say to help people pass through death’s door. By Marc Ringel, M.D.

High-potency yoga: Breathing

Scholarly and scriptural literature of hatha yoga suggests that breath practices are just as important as postures, if not more so. By Ravi Dykema.

Grace and Gratitude; Two Ideas Whose Time Has Come!

Many of us on a deliberate spiritual path work every day with the resonances or states of being like Peace, Love, Wisdom and Compassion. I sometimes find that I don’t allow these resonances to take hold as much as I could because I don’t feel worthy. By Lori Rock, Standing In The Light® Teacher/Facilitator.

All is not lost

All is not lost. Why there is still hope for humanity. By Ravi Dykema.

Sex (Now do I have your attention?)

Why is sex so troublesome? I don’t know. When it comes to talking about sex, I still feel a little like that tongue-tied 14-year-old on display at the front of Mr. Burdine’s biology class. By Marc Ringel, MD.

Who Am I?

Who am I? Am I my body and its tasting, touching and smelling? Am I my mind and its thoughts and memories? Am I my dreams and aspirations? Am I what other people think and feel about me? By Ravi Dykema.

Prepare Now for Weight Gain’s Perfect Storm

Have you noticed yourself starting to gain a few early pounds of winter weight already? By John Douillard, DC.

Crooks in Suits

When companies cheat and lie we lose faith in our society. Do you try to obey rules and act ethically? I do. I think it is one small way I can make the world a little better. But periodically an everyday-brand company gets caught lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing customers. What are we to make of this? Do they not care? By Ravi Dykema.

More Pep in Your Step – 6 simple ways

Tired of being tired? Quick-fix supplements aren’t the answer. Here, six simple ways to recharge your life. By Lisa Turner.

Leaf Alert!

If you’re like me you always seem to get there just a bit too late. Don’t delay as the leaves are peaking in the high country as I write. Looking for a nice and moderate hike to view the leaves up close? I recommend the trail to Lost Lake. By Stacey Dykema.

Coping with Depression: An “Unnatural” View

Here’s the most basic thing that I understand about depression. The answer to the question, “Is depression biologic, situational, psychological, cultural, spiritual, or interpersonal?” is “Yes.” Depression is the archetypal disease in which mind and body contribute pretty equal shares. By Marc Ringel, MD.

A Movie Season To Expand Your Mind

Movies can rock your world. Here are nine to watch out for. By Ravi Dykema.


It makes me cry to remember the moment I first heard a Beatles song and how deeply it rocked my world. Standing in this room, I can imagine the birth of that powerful music and the pain that inspired John’s genius. By Sue Frederick.

Intuitive Cooking

Cooking and food preparation is the most natural, instinctive activity in the world, right up there with nest-building and baby-making. By Lisa Turner.

John Douillard on Marijuana

In advance of the marijuana research wave coming, I thought it wise for all of us to get a brief tutorial on how it works. By John Douillard, DC.

A body-mind revolutionary’s remarkable journey

I’ve had a lot of mystical experiences through the years–experiences of non-dual awareness, a near-death experience, experiences of divine light and lucid dream states and things like that. For me, the bottom line is there is always a stunning sense of love. An interview of Joan Borysenko by Ravi Dykema.

The Copper Bracelet

We slough temporarily to a halt and the real assault of the heart becomes almost unbearable as hands and arms reach inside our windows, begging for something to eat or to wear. By Belle Star.

Revolution or Evolution?

Might we humans be headed for a period of Holocaust-like violence? The mere suggestion of such a future mobilizes some people to a greater sense of urgency . . . By Ravi Dykema.

Rocky Mountain Sigh…

Rekindle your romance this fall with an inn to inn 4 day hiking trip in Estes Park. By Wendy Underhill.

College Survival Kit – Help Your Student Thrive

College can be one of the most challenging times to stay healthy. Suddenly, things like basic nutrition and sleep are taken for granted, resulting in compromised immunity and making students susceptible to colds, acne, hormonal issues, and more. Here are 6 survival tips. By John Douillard, D.C.

The Real Happy Meal – How to eat well for less

Is it possible to eat a healthy, whole foods, mostly organic diet? I’m saying yes – but you have to follow a few rules. By Lisa Turner.

Cook It Low and Slow

As summer’s delicate berries and fragile greens start to yield to hardier fare, and we humans begin to pull gently inward, preparing for winter’s hibernation, it’s time to break out the slow cooker. By Lisa Turner.

Dehydration is NOT a menace

And 10 other enduring health myths that alienate you from yourself. By Ravi Dykema.

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