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Thank the whoosh this Thanksgiving

The men in my family bond via inline skating. May you find your whoosh, zoom and touch-brake this Thanksgiving too. By Ravi Dykema.

Making Memories

How your rituals and celebrations can bring your family closer. An interview with Rosanna Bowes By Ravi Dykema

Reach Out and Help the World

As humans, we seem to be coded with compassion, a true desire to help each other. By Chris O’Brien.

The Perfect Holiday Brunch

A festive brunch offers a slow-down, lazy-Sunday feeling in the middle of the mad rush from holiday cocktail parties. By Lisa Turner.

A World Of Hurt

Middle-aged men are suffering and dying at an alarming rate. This should concern us all. By Ravi Dykema.

A body-mind revolutionary’s remarkable journey

Joan Borysenko talks with Ravi Dykema about mystical experiences, experiences of non-dual awareness, a near-death experience, and experiences of divine light and lucid dream states.

Memories of a Psychedelic Journey

A LONG STRANGE TRIP- An interview with Marlene Dobkin de Rios, Ph.D. by Ravi Dykema.

Brain Gain- Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention

An interview of Dr. Daniel Amen MD on brain health and Alzheimer’s prevention.

Young Health Nuts

A new generations starts to insist that “food” have actual “food ingredients” in it. And General Mills and other big guys are getting the message. By Ravi Dykema.

The ‘YES’ Holiday Feast

Here’s a blueprint for a nutrient-dense, whole-foods holiday meal. By Lisa Turner.

How NOT To Get Sick & Fat This Winter

Winter lifestyle tips to stay healthy and happy this winter. By John Douillard, DC.

Bigger badder bugs

Bacteria is getting a crash-course in badness care of our ubiquitous use of antibiotics. Here’s what you can do. By Ravi Dykema.

Seeing Through the Illusion of Self-Identity

“I am” is a very powerful statement. By Ginger Withee from I Am Standing in the Light.

Emotional Holiday Eating

What’s eating you? The emotional side of holiday dining. By Lisa Turner.

The Last Avatar

NEW Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film from Director JAY WEIDNER is a call for a global awakening based on an ancient prophecy.

Some like it hot!

Sizzling ski runs and hot springs – fortunately for everyone, these two spots – one “hot spot” and one “cold spot” – are just 23 miles apart, along Highway 160 in the southern part of Colorado. By Wendy Underhill.

T-r-o-u-b-l-e in Vegan City

Swear words sell vegetables, it turns out, but also piss off an unlikely crowd. By Ravi Dykema

Loss of Self & Dementia

Dementia is a condition that can really make one look into the question of self. By Marc Ringel, MD.

Halloween’s Sugar Craving Solution

For 10,000 years, humans have been infatuated with the sweet taste of sugar. By John Douillard, D.C.

Politics for Optimists

When I get truly gloomy about the future of the country; when I have read too many stories about Republicans playing to their “base,” I take a hike. By Ravi Dykema.

Guide to Alternative Medicine

The NexusAlive Guide to Alternative Medicine will help you explore a variety of complementary health treatments. You will find both the ancient and recent listed and what conditions they treat.

Why do Yoga?

Many people have told me that they feel remarkably good after each of their yoga classes. They don’t want that good feeling to stop. By Ravi Dykema.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a Vedic science which, like yoga, has only one purpose: to expose the illusion and neediness of the mind and become free. So, what does that mean? By John Douillard, D.C.

Chinese Medicine

Are acupuncture and Chinese herbs receiving validation from the Nobel Prize committee? By Ravi Dykema.

Marriage Wows!

It’s been irrefutably demonstrated that, on average, married people enjoy better health and a longer life than unmarried folks. By Marc Ringel, M.D.

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