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Dehydration is NOT a menace

And 10 other enduring health myths that alienate you from yourself. By Ravi Dykema.

A Unique Healer Coming to Boulder/Denver: Mas Sajady

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life. Mas Sajady was gifted with the ability, as he describes it, to see peoples’ spirits at the vibrational level, and edit their frequencies to help them tap into the pure source energy that creates us all. He says that once people connect with source at such a fundamental level free from energetic blocks, they can achieve abundance in all areas of life: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By Mathew Shaffer.

Happiness Just Is

When I was young, one of my favorite books was “Happiness Is A Warm Puppy”, which featured all of the Charlie Brown characters sharing their simple pleasures in life. Whenever I think of that book, it takes me back to a time when happiness just was. There was no searching for it or trying to figure out all of its components; it was just there. So, how did we lose that as we got older? By Ginger Withee.

Ancient Wisdom in Contemporary Times

We are living in times when anxiety and depression seem to be a plague on our culture. So much of this is caused by the separation from nature that our western cultures encourage. We are taught that we are the superior species on the planet, to consume what is our birthright instead of learning the absolute “knowing” that we are one with all that is. By Patricia Turner, Founder, Tierra Sagrada, The Sacred Earth Foundation.

Escaping Haagen Dasz Hell

Don’t despair if you can’t avoid that pint of caramel cookie dough. New research suggests a reason why, and a way out. By Ravi Dykema.

Benefits of Meditation

Thousands of papers have been published on the health benefits of meditative practices and its ability to treat psoriasis, allergies, anxiety, asthma, binge eating, insomnia, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, substance abuse, anxiety, infertility, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and other conditions. By Pierre Brunschwig, M.D.

Pro-Planet and Words that Have Power

Climate change is not a possibility up the road. We are living in climate change. If you are a denier and want to get up in my face about how the climate is always changing, I can only offer you this: Our lack of conservation and egregious polluting continues to contribute to the extreme and unprecedented weather events we are experiencing, and that is the truth. By Stephanie Raffelock.

3 Habits of People with Perfect Digestion

According to Ayurveda, the health and integrity of the digestive process is truly the fulcrum of one’s health. Did you know that 74% of Americans are experiencing some form of digestive distress? By John Douillard, D.C.

Yes You Can!

There’s something magical about the alchemy of turning a pile of cucumbers into pickles, or transforming a bushel of berries into tidy Mason jars of jam. And, practicality aside, there’s a sense of liberation that comes from the ability to DIY: like bread making, chicken raising and home gardening, preserving your own food is downright empowering. By Lisa Turner.

Is Colorado a stress-relieving heaven?

It is if you live in Boulder, Denver, or Fort Collins. Yoga and acupuncture, anyone? By Ravi Dykema.

Exercise Does Not Help You Lose Weight

Physical activity has many health benefits, ranging from reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer to improving mental health and mood. But contrary to common belief, exercise does not help you lose weight. By Jim Ritter.


How we get so much of it – then struggle to get rid of it. By Wendy Underhill

Snoring keeping you awake?

If you’ve tried the self-help solutions to stop snoring without success, don’t give up hope. New advances in the treatment of snoring are now more effective and comfortable, according to Judith Timchula, DDS.

Not What It Seems

“What’s that bad smell?” I ask. I search for the source, and am surprised at what I find. By Ravi Dykema.

Preventing Alzheimer’s

My mother recently passed away from complications from Alzheimer’s Disease. It was devastating, and it made me determined to avoid it. What can I do to prevent Alzheimer’s? Answer from Pierre Brunschwig, M.D.

Can Fruit Make You Fat?

I know it is hard to believe, but fruits can make you fat. However, if eaten correctly, they can help you lose weight and be incredibly healthy. Find out how. By John Douillard, DC.

Culture Shock

Imagine you have lived in a pre-modern world for two months. What would happen to you? By Ravi Dykema.

Are GMOs Actually Getting Into Your Genes?

What is your take on GMOs? By John Douillard, DC.

Just Take One Action Step Today!

We metaphysicians sometimes think that our only way to resolve a block is to meditate on it, recognize the issue and resolve it through energy work or breathing in a higher frequency like Love, Bliss or Self Forgiveness. By Lori Rock of I Am Standing In the Light.

Why I eat dirt

Well, not dirt exactly, but I do gobble less-than-pristine food. And you should too. Here’s why. By Ravi Dykema.

Taking Yoga Home

Taking yoga home means bringing yoga into your life more potently. Although designing a practice for yourself and finding the discipline to do it is challenging for many people, the rewards are likely to be rich and lasting. By Ravi Dykema.

Born Homesick

What if we all could come to believe that the Earth Game was not a place “down here” and that the Oneness was “up there” far away from us mortals. How would that affect our lives? By Belle Star.

Home again, soon

“You’re from Boulder!?” she said. “Wow.”

We, on the other hand, have been escaping from there. By Ravi Dykema.

Healthy Homes

You eat organic foods and filter your tap water. You exercise and rest your body, and you’ve developed some enriching spiritual practices. But have you paid much attention to your living quarters?

On Being Fat

I was a chunky kid. “Husky” was the word my parents used. I liked being husky. It smacked of powerful. Now, well into my 50s, I’m chunky again. Only I don’t call it husky. I call it fat. And I don’t like being fat. Who does? Marc Ringel, MD.

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