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Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters. There’s too little falling in California, too much injected underground in Oklahoma; who’s responsible? By Ravi Dykema

Delicious Detox

Living in our modern world, our bodies get pretty grubby inside. A well-designed detox can make you feel more focused and energetic. By Lisa Turner

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Don’t forget about the oldies but goodies – The Nexus Archives!

Electile Dysfunction

Humorous Quips on Electile Dysfunction and the Modern Politician by Swami Beyondananda

Not Healing Even After Doing Everything Right?

Limiting beliefs about our health, relationships, purpose, spirituality, creativity, and money may be creating a toxic environment in the body, which prevents the body from healing. By Amanda Sowadski

NexusAlive roars into life

We are turning our tan-4-cilinder-minivan into a red Porsche Carrera, sorta. By Ravi Dykema

Women First

“Women WERE the original religious leaders”, readers say. My article on Religion’s exclusion of women (And God said: No women allowed) got lots of heated response. Here’s some of the response: Levanah Shell Bdolak: “YOU HAVE A NARROW AND JAUNDICED VIEW . . .” By Ravi Dykema

Stephen Porges Ph.D. – The Polyvagal Theory

Don’t talk to me now, I’m scanning for danger. An interview by Ravi Dykema

Courageous Greens

Faithful, tender, as delicate as a butterfly’s wing, they wistfully emerge, undaunted by the temperamental weather. By Lisa Turner

Time to Decide

The energy of strength, grace and assertiveness is being bestowed upon you at this time. Use it to your advantage to create the life you always wanted. By Daniela Mouser – natural Psychic Medium, certified Reiki Master/Teacher and Integrated Energy Therapist


How we get so much of it – then struggle to get rid of it. By Wendy Underhill

Divine Consensus: Be Together, Not the Same

How to be “we” and also be “me”. By Ginger Withee, Spiritual Facilitator – Eminent Reiki™ Master

Driving Slow in the Fast Lane

Finding peace at the speed of life. By Ginger Withee, Spiritual Facilitator – Eminent Reiki™ Master

I Swoon for Artichokes

There’s something so mysterious and exotic about them, something so elusive yet inviting about the small tender heart hidden in the center of a brambly mess of leaves. By Lisa Turner

Grand Time in Grand Junction

If you’re ready for spring, but the Front Range isn’t, head to Grand Junction. By Wendy Underhill

Rethinking healing

The concept that the body can often correct itself is drifting into a new cultural awareness and understanding. By Sheri Covey of the Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center.

Embrace your limitations

Love your limitations, for they teach you a valuable lesson in courage and self discipline. By Daniela Mouser, Psychic Medium, RM/T, IET, Spiritual Mentor

Proof of past lives?

No matter what your pet – fins, feathers or fur – they all have energy that can be read and healed! By Fiona Cattermole
Certified Clairvoyant and Pet Communicator


Are you ready to discover your recipe for Connecting/Loving? Are you willing to change your definition of love and learn how to connect with yourself, Source and others? By Dr. Nancy Harris, DSS

The Wrong Way, Isn’t

Our perception that things are not as they should be is actually getting in the way of what this present moment has to offer us. By Noelle Vignola, LCSW, CPC

Compassionate Service

Compassion means quietly listening, understanding & sharing pain without taking it on. By Marc Ringel, M.D

Choices 2015

Healing starts with the intention to change. The choices we make each day, both internally and externally determine our quality of life. By Dr. Dixie Clark, MS, DSS

Snoring keeping you awake?

If you’ve tried the self-help solutions to stop snoring without success, don’t give up hope. New advances in the treatment of snoring are now more effective and comfortable. By Judith Timchula, DDS

And God said, “No women allowed.”

Until recently, no gurus, rabbis, priests or pastors, sheikhs or lamas were women. Over all of human history, men, and only men, created and presided over the world’s major religions, and thus nearly all of humanity’s spiritual life. By Ravi Dykema

Make-Out for a Healthy Microbiome

Before you plant one on your sweetheart, make sure you know what you are getting in to. According to a recent study, a kiss that lasts about 10 seconds can swap about 80 million microbes from your mouth to his or hers. By John Douillard, DC.