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Water water and more water. Then beavers…

I am not used to this much rain. Please, sun, come out! By Ravi Dykema.

Dreams and Intuition

Do you believe in intuition? Do you think you can tap into your own future and “see” your next successful career step? If not, would you consider the possibility that it might be true? By Sue Frederick.

Healthy Grilling

As summer days lengthen and temperatures soar, it’s the perfect time to eat – and cook – outdoors. A few simple rules can make your grilling experience healthier. By Lisa Turner.

Your God Here

I am part of a pagan tribe, I recently learned. We enjoy chanting OM (Hindu), HU (Sufi), or AMEN (Christian). By Ravi Dykema.

Tour de San Juan

The Tour de San Juan is perfect for people who like to hike, but also like to shower and eat luscious meals. By Wendy Underhill.

Cool Foods

Beat the heat, with cool, moist foods that balance soaring temperatures and dampen the fiery flames of summer. By Lisa Turner.

Tractor Training Day

But what about war in Ukraine and escaped convicted murderers? By Ravi Dykema.

Better job, better life, happier you

Maybe you woke up this morning with a new idea. You marinated in it before getting out of bed. You asked yourself, is this the time to follow that dream? By Sue Frederick.

Fresh Air, Fresh Food

Usher in the summer with less fatty grilling selections and fresh sides that celebrate summer’s produce. By Lisa Turner.

Is Your Stressful Life Killing You?

It could be, according to research. But will moving off-grid and out-of-state help? We’re trying it . . . By Ravi Dykema.

Cancer Prevention

Steps you can take to prevent cancer. By Pierre Brunschwig, M.D.

Chill Out, Slim Down

Is your constant stressing out making you tubby before your time? By Lisa Turner.

Green Fire Light

We love the primal rituals of living off-grid in my family’s ancestral cabin. And we long for the bright sunlight we expect will return tomorrow, and its laughter glinting off the ripples on the lake. By Ravi Dykema.

To Graze Or Not To Graze? It’s Not Really A Question.

New research suggests that our genes are highly circadian, and that we are designed to eat at certain times of day – not all day. By John Douillard, D.O.

Is Your Partner Off Path?

Your partner is off path and you want to help steer him back to his true self, to the work he came here to do. But how? By Sue Frederick.

Finding the Beauty Within

What if we spent as much time polishing our inner selves as we spend polishing the outer? What if we focused on the beautiful mountain view within each of us? By Ginger Withee.

Time Change

Are we at the top of our game, and yet, it is time for our game to change? By Lori Rock from I Am Standing in the Light.

Alive Off Grid

I’ve split. I’ve left the busy Boulder/Denver world and moved to central Vermont. For the summer. Off grid. By Ravi Dykema

Functional family?

Do you know anyone whose family is completely functional? Do we even know what it means? By Marc Ringel, MD.

Just Leave It!

Leave everything you can’t carry. Here is one strategy to aide you in tackling messy areas of your life, and help you to feel more confident, organized, and productive. By Kryn Dykema.

Lyons Outdoor Games – May 30th

May 30th – A day of dirt, beer and music, the Lyons Outdoor Games hosts adventure- sporting fun alongside the Oskar Blues Burning Can Festival to raise funds for the flood-recovering Town of Lyons Parks, Recreation and Cultural Department.

What is Compassion?

What if the driving force of human progress is not survival of the fittest, but rather survival of the kindest? An interview of Marc Ian Barasch by Ravi Dykema.

Foods for Longevity

Famed actress and octogenarian Bette Davis said getting older isn’t for sissies. Include at least five of the following 15 foods in your diet every day and feel younger, longer. By Lisa Turner.

Vegan fame, and ridicule

Author Courtney Rubin plugs us Coloradoans as the archetypical vegans by quoting a 22 Days vegan challenge partner who says, “You picture someone who lives in Colorado that doesn’t wear deodorant.” By Ravi Dykema.

Reducing Inflammation

A little-understood health risk: long term, low-level inflammation causes disease and premature death. But there is much you can do to reduce it. By Chris O’Brien.